"She's [Jensuya's] wanting me to feel the music for myself...It opened my eyes to how I can take a dance and do it to any kind of music. And it was because of doing it with just the drummer and following him. The drummer challenges us. You feel that energy." —PB (live workshop)

Preview Rhythm Practice for Belly Dance - Beledi

"I have also signed up for the Beledi rhythm class and already find it helpful. Thought I know that rhythm in my bones, I have been addled by the wonderful embellishments to the point of losing the beat. The sound quality and photo work are excellent...I am delighted with both courses (Intro to Belly Dance also). Many thanks!" —MW

Belly dancer and drummer practicing in front of TV with online rhythm course

You can master Rhythm Beledi.

Rhythm Practice for Belly Dance - Beledi is our multi-media online course that leads you step-by-step in the challenging process of understanding the rhythm Beledi through our innovative exercises in deciphering:

  • Beat
  • Essential rhythmic accents
  • Percussive decoration
  • Melody overlay

"I am very grateful for your classes where I can bet back in the exercise game again, connect with my roots and have fun doing it. Thank you so much!" —TF (Intro to Belly Dance)

If You're a Beginner or Intermediate...

The key to mastering your music and dance skills goes beyond simply knowing the rhythm. To feel the full joy of dancing or playing music, internalizing the beat and rhythm is essential.

This unique practice course gives you an affordable alternative to private lessons or coaching sessions so you can master the iconic rhythm of the Middle East, Beledi for your:

  • Belly dance
  • Finger Cymbals
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Melody Instruments
  • Your Voice

Jensuya teaching belly dance veil moves to students in studio
"Finally I get the hang of it a bit! I shuffled too much with my hips and legs but now I can do it more properly! Great practice Session!"—PG (Intro to Belly Dance)
Jensuya and drummer Bob teaching belly dance to group of students at Morgan Arts Council dance studio

Enroll in the Course if...

  • Belly Dance - you've taken our Introduction to Belly Dance, and you want to master Beledi on your own
  • Community Class - your teacher isn't focussing on Beledi in class
  • Finger Cymbals - you want to master Beledi with your finger cymbals
  • Percussion - you want to master Beledi with your darbuka, riq, or other instrument
  • Melody - you need a doumbek accompaniment to practice your oud, ney, qanun, or other instrument

"I've found [it] highly beneficial to go through the learned material several times and strengthen it with something new. Thanks for your love to the entire process. :)" —AT (Intro to Belly Dance)

Forget Theory..this is about Doing.

Watching and listening are lovely, but it is only when you do something that you really begin to learn it.

In this course—every step of the way—every exercise involves you actively so that you can measure progress with each small step, and ultimately...

Make Real Progress.

Belly dancer Jensuya teaching students to clap the beat in workshop at Ice House in Berkeley Springs
"Counting the beat and the rhythm syllables out loud was and is very helpful. It keeps your body and your mind on track with the music." —RB (Intro to Belly Dance)
Hip scarf, finger cymbals, ney, riq and downloadable pdf's of online course rhythm practice for belly dance Beledi

Videos & PDF's Lead you Step-by-Step

We begin with an in-depth video teaching you how to use the videos, e-book, and pdf's as you begin your course. Then we move on to the videos and accompanying algorithms of exercises.

The course includes:

  • 7 professionally produced Beledi exercises videos
  • The Course Guide e-book
  • The Begin by Listening pdf
  • The Algorithms pdf
  • Coaching with me, Jensuya, via the Q&A comments
  • The Extra Credit Super Challenge BONUS video

"I find you passion and teaching style inspiring and encouraging...I'm looking forward to your subsequent course! Thank you for sharing your gift." —JB (Intro to Belly Dance)
"This is so fun. I love how you are teaching the beat and how to move with it so your are moving with rhythm and not just random." —SI (Intro to Belly Dance)
"I find you passion and teaching style inspiring and encouraging...I'm looking forward to your subsequent course! Thank you for sharing your gift." —RB (Intro to Belly Dance)

We're here to serve!


PayPal Option:

  1. From your PayPal account, click "Send Money" to [email protected], enter $52 USD for Lifetime Access or $42 USD to Rent, and enter your email address and "Rhythm Beledi Practice Course" in the "add a note" field. (Please note that we add $3 to cover Paypal fees.)
  2. Click "Continue."
  3. Watch your email for your personal Course Access Coupon Code. Then...
  4. Click the "Enroll Now" button (above) and enter your Course Access Coupon Code in the pink box that says, "Add Coupon Code.

Welcome to Jensuya Belly Dance!

belly dancer Jensuya and drummer Robert Peak in performance costumes smiling at camera

Dance. Understand. Rejoice.


I'm belly dancer/engineer Jensuya—aka Jennifer Carpenter-Peak—and along with my Significant Drummer—aka my husband, Robert Peak—we perform live music and belly dance shows, teach belly dance workshops and online courses, conduct in-person and online Middle Eastern arts education programs in schools and colleges, and produce two YouTube channels and blog—all about Mid East music, dance, and culture.

Hailing from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, we have been featured by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the American Turkish Association, and twice by the U.S. Government-funded Middle East Broadcasting Networks, an Arabic-language news organization with a weekly audience of more than 25.7 million people in 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. If there were only one thing that I could teach you, show you, inspire you to do, it would be this—embrace your fear, then dance with it. Let's get started!